Industrial mock-ups and prototypes

With its range of industrial models, Promodels offers you a wide range of models for small and large-scale industrial production.
Promodels specializes in the development, design and production of top-of-the-range of top-of-the-range miniatures for industry,
 with attention to detail as our main commitment.
We can produce for you any industrial prototype, model or miniature in any scale or quantity you may require.
scale and quantity, but our area of expertise is not limited to simple miniatures.
We can also offer you figurines, scenettes/dioramas and accessories for all kinds of subjects.

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Official supplier for Arquus / Renault Truck Defense / Renault Trucks, Nexter, Panhard, Acmat, Soframe,
Desautel, Magyar, Scania, Essonne Sécurité, Maisonneuve, CMI, Thales, Nuances Technologies
but also large foreign groups such as General Dynamics European Land System, GDELS and URO.

Design / Prototype / Production

From the design of your project, through the validation prototype to the production of high-end models